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Clinical Research

Scientist in the Lab

Our clinical trials are hand selected by Dr. Khurana, targeting prevention of any major cardiac event and aggressive lipid lowering treatments. These investigational medications are all unique in nature and differ from the widely used treatments you’ve heard about in the past. If you’ve had a heart attack, know someone who has, or just want to do everything you can to prevent one yourself our trials might be right for you!

Interested in hearing more about the current studies? Wondering if you qualify to participate? Contact us using the link below and the research team will get back to you soon! 

Active Studies Currently Enrolling

EMPACT: A study to test whether empagliflozin can lower the risk of heart failure and death in patients who have had an acute heart attack.

AEGIS II: A study to test whether CSL 112 can reduce the risk of major cardiac events following a heart attack.

PREVAIL: An outcomes trial evaluating the effectiveness of obiceptrapib in patients with artherosclerotic cardiovascular disease that are not adequately controlled despite taking the maximally tolerated statin or lipid modifying therapy.

OLPASIRAN: A study of patients to summarize the distribution of lipoprotein(a) in patients with documented history of a heart attack or coronary intervention.

ZEUS: A study investigating the use of ziltivekimab on the reduction of inflammation and lowering of cardiovascular risk in patients with chronic kidney disease and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

FINE-REAL: A registry of patients providing insight into the use of finerenone in routine clinical settings.

VICTORION 2: A study to analyze the impact of inclisiran on major cardiovascular events in patients with established cardiovascular disease.

Completed Studies (Not currently recruiting)





CLEAR – outcomes







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